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Precious Points

Standings 2019/1

Previous winners

2009       Misja Alma
2010/1    Rogier van Gemert
2010/2    Marcel Nabarro
2011/1    Hans Willem Capel (†)
2011/2    Paul van Koningshoven
2012/1    Rogier van Gemert (2nd time)
2012/2    Rogier van Gemert (3rd time)
2013/1    Susan Pillards (†)
2013/2    Rogier van Gemert (4th time)
2014/1    Arthuro Braacx
2014/2    Paul van Koningshoven (2nd time)
2015/1    Rogier van Gemert (5th time)
2015/2    Paul van Koningshoven (3rd time)
2016/1    Arthuro Braacx (2nd time)
2016/2    Arthuro Braacx (3rd time)
2017/1    Arthuro Braacx (4th time)
2017/2    Arthuro Braacx (5th time)
2018/1    Rogier van Gemert (6th time)
2018/2    Arthuro Braacx (6th time)

PP Rules

A player can earn PPs (Precious Points) in 2019 in two series of 10 tournaments. The first series of Amstergammon and Rotterdam SuperSunday Tournaments runs from January till June.
The second series starts 27 Janauary and ends 9 June.

The PP Tournaments 2019, Series 1 are:

1   27 Jan
2 10 Feb 24 Feb
3 HmO 10 Mar 31 Mar
4 14 Apr 28 Apr
5 12 May RO 26 May (1.5)
6 9 Jun (1.5)

 ( reserve: 30 June SZ Rotterdam )

By entering a tournament, a player is rewarded 2 PPs.
Every match won in a PP tournament adds an extra Precious Point.
The winner and runner-up of a tournament get extra Precious Points. These bonus points are: 4 – 2 – 1. Four points for the winner of the Main Bracket, two for the runner-up. Two points for the winner of the Consolation, 1 for the runner-up.
By entering a Quarter Entry a player gets ¼ PP. The first win adds ¼ PP, the second win ½ PP. A Half Entry starts with ½ PP and adds ½ PP if won.
A Pool6 starts with ½ PP. Every win counts as ¼ PP.
An entry for Qualifier 8 is ¼ PP. Every match won is worth ¼ PP and a ticket won is + ¼ PP.

An example:

The last two PP Tournaments will be played with a 1.5 multiplier. This multiplier also includes all Qualifiers played after the start of the tournament of 12 May up until the start of 9 June.

The overall winner of the Series 1 will be awarded the “SuperSunday Champ 2019" title. There will be a consolation prize for places 2 and 3.