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AGClock v3.0 for Windows

A game clock for Backgammon.

AGClock is for backgammon players and Tournament Directors alike.

AGClock is a small 226 Kb standalone program for Windows, yet it has all the features a backgammon player is looking for.

There is no need to install it, just put it on your desktop, a USB stick, a memory card, whatever peripheral your PC recognizes and run it!

It's free to download, free to use.
The password it asks for is AG (uppercase A, uppercase G)

download here

CRC32 c967dbc8
MD5 73152c81e4fac8558e4ba88ca884288b
SHA1 b7dcc150d5b325e374e34db74e374995e3e75e30
SHA256 f6658d9b541eb33ea480183606867f3d588c080537dfb7d40700733e7bff3c1f

AGClock v 3.0  (Click for larger image)

 1. Features

2. Abuse prevention

3. Special features

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