F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

HOLLAND mokum Open on Saturday and/or Sunday?

Yes! HOLLAND mokum Open is played during the weekend of 11-12 March.

The Main Tournament is on Sunday, 13 March. From 11:00 till 22:00.

Expert starts at 11:25 ! - Advanced starts at 11:25Beginner starts at 14:00

On Saturday, we play Qualifiers until 22:00.
Pool 6 starts at 14:00 (you need to sign up for this on).
Quarter Entry starts at 16:00.

So you can choose to only play the main tournament on Sunday.


There are three divisions: Expert, Advanced and Beginner. Expert is a Precious Point tournament.


The Main Tournament Expert is of the type Progressive Consolation with a Main Bracket for the winners. As long as you win, you play in the Main Bracket. When you lose, you start playing in the Consolation Bracket. Up to 32 players, even the losers of the semi-final enter the Consolation round.
Initial round and second round: 11 points, then 13-point matches in the Main Bracket, 9-point matches in the consolation.
Clocks are required. They will be used to keep the pace of the tournament. You bring your own clock or compensate AG for our clocks (1E).


The Main Tournament Advanced will be Progressive Consolation or Pool / Round Robin.
9-point matches in the Main Bracket, 5-point matches in the Consolation. Or 7 point Pool.
Clocks are optional. They can be used to keep the pace of the tournament.


Beginners play 3 point matches (without the cube) in a Round Robin or Swiss format.

Speedgammon - STOP pots

There are STOP pots (2/4/8/16 players, double or cash after second win) during the whole weekend. It looks like speedgammon:
Saturday you can play 5 point matches, 2 minutes / 10 seconds; on Sunday - whenever you are available - 3 point matches, 1'30 / 10".

Qualifiers on Saturday?

Pool 6

Six (6) players play in a pool qualifier Expert. The format of the pool qualifier is Round Robin, thus you play 5 matches, one match against each player. The first round is random, next rounds: top ranked vs top ranked.
The top 2 finishers qualify for the Main Tournament on Sunday.
ANNOUNCE your participation for Pool 6!

Quarter Entries

The Quarter Entries (4 players) start at 16:00.

Side Pool?

The Tournaments on Sunday have an optional Side Pool. Obviously, only players who choose for the Side Pool can win it. The top finisher(s) of the Main Bracket get a result.
Please take note: when you rebuy, you no longer play in the Side Pool.


If there is not a full bracket, the losers of the first round (we call it: Initial Round) can opt for a rebuy. If there are more candidates than available rebuys, there will be a Dutch auction for the rebuys. The Tournament Committee will decide whether the rebuys are for the second round or the first round. This decision will be made before the start of the Tournament.

What does it cost?

The Main Tournament on Sunday


180E entry fee, 25E registration fee, lunch (soup, 2K bread sandwiches & fruit) included. Optional Side Pool: 50E.
Possible Rebuys: 180E.


60E entry fee, 20E registration, lunch included. Optional Side Pool: 15E.


10E entry fee, 10E registration, lunch included. Optional Side Pool: 5E.

The qualifiers on Saturday

Expert (PPT)

Pool670E7 point matches.
Quarter Entries: 55E. 7/9 point matches.

STOP pots C&P during the weekend 5 (no fee) or 10 - 20 - 40 - 80 (+ 10%). Double or Cash after two wins.

What are Precious Points?

Precious Points Tournaments - PPT - are two series of tournaments in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
Holland mokum Open - Expert Division - is a PPT tournament.
Here are the current standings of the Precious Points.


The place of venue - Café 2 Klaveren, De Clerqstraat 136 - is situated in the former Oud-West part of Amsterdam. Today it is called Amsterdam West, near the Centre.

So when you book a hotel, look for Amsterdam - City Centre or Amsterdam West.
Or book a Hotel near a Park & Ride.

Public Transportation?

You can look up Public Transportation here
: De Clerqstraat 136, Amsterdam
Tram 13 and 17 have a stop nearby. It's a 2-minute walk with tram 13, 5-minute walk if you choose tram 17.

Public Transportation in Amsterdam uses OV-chipYou can only use a bank of credit card to buy a ticket.
You need to check-in and check-out


On Sunday, there is only free parking across the bridge "Wiegebrug". Otherwise you must pay.
On Saturday you can opt for Park&Ride (8E or 1E for the first day, 1E per 24 hours up to 4 days).